How I built Monocle Radio app for Mac in 2 hours

Chris Witko
2 min readDec 10, 2017


Why Monocle?

Have you ever had a chance to listen to the Monocle Radio 24? No? You should go there to start now.

Why I love it so much?

  • Great Music — it’s just my primary source of new music today
  • Inspiring auditions presenting small and medium business just around the corner, interesting writers and more
  • Exiting newsletter delivered every weekday with daily dose of news e
  • Great archive with audios and videos where everyone can find something to listen and watch


One of the most often parts of Moncole I use on my daily basis is Monocle Radio 24. Usually, I had dedicated tab in my browser just to keep radio live while working or just want it to play directly from my computer.

But something was missing. I don’ t want to keep an open tab in the background every time to listen to the radio, I want to have a simple app in the tray menu where with a single click I can play or pause.

The whole prototyping process took me up to two hours, the rest time I spent on preparing the code for release.

The app is now available for MacOS. You can click the link below to download.

If you wish to receive information about updates, please leave your email below, so I will be able to send you information on available releases.


What’s next?

  • improve audio component events support
  • add auto updates
  • integration with iTunes and Spotify
  • version for Windows
  • auditions reminders

Open Source

This project is open sourced, and the code is available on GitHub. Feel free to download and modify the code.

If you have any questions or ideas to share, please contact me at

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